Crafting great wine begins in the vineyard, and that is why we have painstakingly selected over 240 prime plots in the foothills of Sierra Cantabria, boasting an average age of 60 years old.

Our vineyards are scattered across the villages of Samaniego, Leza, Elciego, San Vicente de la Sonsierra, Laguardia and Ábalos. Covering 80ha of various altitudes, varieties and soils, they remain united by one philosophy – loyalty to the grape.

Generations of Growers

Many of our vineyard team have picked grapes and farmed vines for generations. Indeed, some are the grandchildren of Remírez de Ganuza’s first viticultural workers.

Our approach is founded on cultivating the finest grapes possible from a vast array of vineyards – ranging from ferrous clay to calcareous soils, up to 680 metres above sea level.

Some of this knowledge cannot be taught easily, it percolates slowly through years of experience and lives lived among the vines.

One year in the vineyard


Winter Pruning | We cut the shoots from the previous vintage to regulate the growth and structure of the vines. It’s a manual job, using ancestral knowledge passed from generation to generation. Each vine must be respected, bearing in mind the flow of sap and making incisions as small as possible.


Spring Cleaning | We repair trellises, fertilise where necessary and begin green harvesting – removing unproductive shoots and selecting the best ones for the coming vintage. As the months get warmer we also manage the growth of the vines, making sure they are properly aerated by the cool Atlantic breezes of Rioja Alavesa.


Canopy Management | Thinning the vegetation to increase air flow and sun exposure. In July and August we begin removing grapes that are too large or irregular, leaving only the best fruit to mature on the vine.


Harvest Time | We begin with the most mature plots, harvesting entirely by hand. Each picker carries a 12kg crate to collect the best clusters for Remírez de Ganuza wines, while the remaining fruit is sold to other wineries

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